Here is a small gallery of Mörrum anglers fishing with Madflies2020 flies. Roger "Ragge" Johnson, Andreas "Knoppas" Johansson, Jonas Möller and Lars "Lazan" Wendel..

A salmon caught in Mörrum pool 5, 18,9 kg

A silver torpedo from Beiarelva, Norway.

Another big salmon caught by Ragge from Mörrum.

This trout is taken on pool 2. 68 cm long,
last night of the 2020 season.
Andreas is test fishing many of my new ideas.
This trout fell for the newly designed
Black Welder

A salmon on the 2nd of June 2020, the fly was "89:an" this time.

This is Jonas Möller with a pair of Norwegian salmons.

A salmon 7,4 kg caught by the legend Lars "Lazan" Wendel
in pool 15 on the fly "89:an" of course.