Frödin SSS Selected Silicone Legs

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69 SEK

The market is flooded with various rubber and silicone legs, ranging from good to not-so-good quality. To help you navigate this sea of options, we've carefully curated a selection of 12 different version in colours and qualities specifically suited for our salmon, sea trout, and steelhead flies. Our collection consist of a diverse range, including narrow barred, wider barred, and three vibrant fluorescent colours. While we use silicone legs on some of our salmon flies, they are particularly effective for sea trout and steelhead patterns. These versatile legs can be incorporated in numerous ways – whether as extra tails, legs, or shrimp feelers. Positioned right behind a turbo cone, they add extra vibrations and motion to any of your favourite patterns. As always, in the realm of innovative fly tying, the possibilities are endless.