Frödin SNS Ostrich Feathers

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895 SEK

Ever since Mikael pioneered the use of these highly mobile feathers in salmon flies back in the late 80s, we've been struck by the way these hackles move and enhance the performance of the fly. Hackling with ostrich infuses flies with such liveliness that they practically look like they will swim off on their own. Ostrich can be utilized in various ways; these small feathers are also perfect for the “Butterfly” design, where a feather is tied in flat over the body. We've meticulously dyed them in colors that complement our different patterns.

In this package you´ll get 10 colours in an organizer: Charcoal Black, Blood Red, Burnt Cinnamon Brown, Clear Water Blue, Evil Magenta, Hot Greenlander Green,  Hot Orange In Flames, Mikkeli Purple, Sunburst Yellow.