Frödin FITS Brass Turbo Tubes

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The TTT – Tungsten Turbo Tube invention hit the salmon tying world with great success. It has been a revolution for flies fished with loose bodies and hooks. To use the possibility to change bodies and fish different weights is taken to perfection by the new invention: BTT – Brass Turbo Tubes. This is yet another of Mikael’s innovations – a feather light tube with effective fishing in focus. The endless colour and weight combinations is another step towards the perfect tube fly. Two wallets with TTT and BTT-flies and one with loose bodies of different design gives a super effective way of choosing the right fly for the specific condition. Hoover a super light BTT-fly in slow water or get under the waves in the fastest part with TTT. The BTT as well as the TTT is made to create turbulence and open up materials for a translucent fly. Lined with XS FITS tubing, integrated or fished loose hanging. 

The BTT comes in three feather light sizes: 4, 6 and 8 mm diameter. 

10 tubes in each package.